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This famed and well-renowned landrace strain has been around for 60 years, maintaining its’ status and out-living many trends in the cannabis industry, all while retaining its’ original genetics. Chocolate Thai was first introduced to North Americans in the 1960s in the form of ‘Thai Sticks’ giving the strain instant recognizability and becoming known for its’ potency and not just as a gimmick. DNA Genetics and famed West Coast grower Drawoh are heralded as the group responsible for keeping the original Chocolate Thai phenotype alive to this day, giving new age stoners a taste of pure, unadulterated old-school genetics. As a sativa, the THC levels of this strain average out around 15-18% but this is one that is not to be underestimated. A couple tokes are more than enough to feel the mood-lifting effects of Chocolate Thai that invigorates users with a burst of euphoria. The nature of Chocolate Thai is very cerebral, much like the uplifting Durban Poison, while also providing a creative buzz and minor pain relief. Aroma and flavour wise, this purebred sativa has one of the most unique terpene profiles we’ve ever come across. Its’ characteristic terpene profile gives off a distinct earthy and coffee-like smell with hints of a subtle chocolate flavour.


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A piece of marijuana history, the Chocolate Thai is an ancient landrace strain that has been around for quite some time. Originally grown and cultivated in its native home of Thailand, the strain first began appearing in North America in the ‘60s, and has been a popular choice amongst the cannabis community in the west ever since. Throughout the ‘60s to the ’80s, they were actually sold as “Thai Sticks,” where the nugs of the strain were tied to the plant’s stem, often with hemp wick, to prevent damage during transport. These days, this sativa-dominant hybrid is still just as popular with its distinct chocolatey, coffee flavour profile and potent cerebral high. Get a taste–or rather, have some tokes–of history with the Chocolate Thai!

Effects of Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai is a wake and bake kind of strain. The cerebral high gets you feeling euphoric, energetic, upbeat and creative, offering users all the best effects of sativas, but it does so without being too overpowering, so it makes Chocolate Thai a great strain for beginners, as well as casual users who want a quick uplift in the morning or throughout the day. Artists, busy bodies and go-getters will particularly enjoy this strain for its energizing and creative effects which may help with productivity, brainstorming and creating. For medical usage, the strain’s uplifting effects may help alleviate symptoms associated with depression, fatigue, PMS, PTSD and anxiety, though it may also help relieve minor to moderate physical pains or issues including headaches/migraines and muscle spasms. Despite it being a morning and energizing kind of strain, Chocolate Thai’s happy and uplifting nature along with its ability to help increase focus may actually be beneficial in relieving struggles with insomnia as it can help users manage intrusive or negative thoughts.

THC Content

While Chocolate Thai’s THC content level averages between 15%-18%, these numbers are not to be taken lightly. Despite its low THC measurements, the strain is known to be quite potent and effective so a little can go a long way with this one. The strain is a well-balanced 50%/50% indica to sativa ratio, but is regarded as a sativa-dominant due to its strong sativa qualities. As a land race strain, it is a pure cannabis breed, though many crossbred variants over the years may yield different properties and content.

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of Chocolate Thai are medium to dark green in colour with varying intensities of brown–like chocolate chips–between flowers. They are covered in hair-like pistils and a thin layer of trichomes. As its name of course suggests, the dominant aromas and flavours of this strain are of sweet chocolates and aromatic Thai coffee, so chocolate and coffee lovers will find this is a perfect strain to complement and balance their morning cups of coffee or chocolate snacks and desserts; admittedly, though, with its energizing boost, perhaps the Chocolate Thai strain can be your substitute for morning coffee–but this ain’t your average roast! Upon grounding up and smoking, users will also notice spices and a sweet, earthy pine, a beautiful blend with the delectable chocolate and coffee flavours!

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