Cinderella 99 AAAA


AAAA | Sativa

Making it to the High Times Magazine’s contenders for their “Top 10 Strains of 2009” list is the Cinderella 99 Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain. This beauty is referred to as Cindy or C99 for short. ‘Cindy’ is recognized for her fruity and sharp flavour as well as a powerful and enduring high that sends users into a dreamy world of pumpkin carriages, prince charmings, fairy Godmothers and clocks that strike at midnight. Euphoric and whimsical Cinderella 99 makes it feel as if you’ve landed in a fairytale.

THC: 16-22%
FLAVOURS: Fruity, citrus, sweet tropical
EFFECTS: Energized, motivated, happy, uplifted

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