PANTHER WELLNESS Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – Panther Wellness 1000mg – Citrus- 1fl. oz. (30 ml)

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is known to reduce daily stress and anxiety. It also contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that may help with muscle & more.


Panther Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Size: 1 fl.oz/30mL Our Ultra Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100{d962f037b98ebcacce3345474a3acc18f51ccceb121b9c21cd87ccab6a8e4685} natural, Colorado grown and third party lab tested. It contains naturally occurring phytonutrients, terpenes, essential oils and more in every serving. Panther Wellness hemp oil is known for help with: Calming and relaxation. Anxiety and stress relief. Insomnia and quality sleep. Inflammation – Strong Natural Anti-inflammatory. Pain relief. Relief muscles and joints pain and inflammation. Offered In 4 Different Concentration to choose from: 250mg – Mild – Approx. 8.33mg hemp extract per 1mL serving. 500mg – Moderate – Approx. 16.67mg hemp extract per 1mL serving. 1000mg – Strong – Approx. 33.33mg hemp extract per 1mL serving. 1500mg – Extra Strong – Approx. 50mg hemp extract per 1mL serving.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Julie D. Peterson 09/01/2020

Second business but delivery was still delayed but the quality is still top

Kimberly J. Snell 04/01/2020

Thanks, Thanks thanks to Med kush dispensary, package recieved

David V. Austin 22/12/2019

The packaging is good, shipping is discrete but delivery was delayed, I recommend and thanks for the delivery

Modesta M. Martinez 06/12/2019

Think to buy

Latshaw 01/12/2019

Thanks, I just received my package in Sweden. Everything secure and safe

Marshall P. 25/11/2019

Hello is Marshall from Turkey my delivery was perfect. Thanks to the company

Nancy J. Bolton 17/10/2019

They are 100% legit I am from the US just bought some Sativa quality wasn't bad!

Larry B. Chea 13/10/2019

Hey from Wisconsin just received my package and got them tested

Piia Sainio 11/09/2019

Credit to their support team, good quality high htc

Marius A. Christoffersen 11/08/2019

Fast Delivery. Great Quality too ;-)