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Thai stick refers to a cannabis variety that grows natively in Thailand and was brought to the U.S. in the 70s and 80s. This pure sativa landrace is sometimes called “Thai Sticks” because of the way its buds are traditionally dried and tied into long sticks. This original Thai variety has given rise to many strains we commonly see on the market today, including Voodoo, Juicy Fruit, and the classic Haze. Thai induces powerful but comfortable effects and has a distinct fruity, citrus aroma. This strain is a challenge for growers outside tropical climates, but greenhouse gardens make this grow possible for experts patient enough for Thai’s long growth cycle and slow flowering.

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5 reviews for Thai stick

  1. Champs P.S

    Pure buzz! This shit is so dank, it gets you buzzing within the first few hits and last a good while with a gradual come down. It has a nice head buzz with a slight weightless feeling, tingly body effect, and generally makes you more energetic, happy, and outgoing. Yet very focussed and slightly more attentive. Perfect for busy or more physical activities, anything creative or requiring focus, or if combined with food, good for watching movies.

  2. Jim Daniel

    I personally love this strain, very uplifting and stress melts away. Goes in like a lamb and crawls out like a bear! Enjoy everyone.

  3. Kenneth Brown.

    Cheap and effective. The high won’t blow your mind but is good for socail occasions. It got a unique smell that is neither nice nor nasty, overall good.

  4. Lawrence D.D

    Smells like a damp citrus forest. Easy on the lungs. Uplifting energetic high that helps me get through my chores. Powerfully mellow high.

  5. Leonor L. Edmonds


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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Julie D. Peterson 09/01/2020

Second business but delivery was still delayed but the quality is still top

Kimberly J. Snell 04/01/2020

Thanks, Thanks thanks to Med kush dispensary, package recieved

David V. Austin 22/12/2019

The packaging is good, shipping is discrete but delivery was delayed, I recommend and thanks for the delivery

Modesta M. Martinez 06/12/2019

Think to buy

Latshaw 01/12/2019

Thanks, I just received my package in Sweden. Everything secure and safe

Marshall P. 25/11/2019

Hello is Marshall from Turkey my delivery was perfect. Thanks to the company

Nancy J. Bolton 17/10/2019

They are 100% legit I am from the US just bought some Sativa quality wasn't bad!

Larry B. Chea 13/10/2019

Hey from Wisconsin just received my package and got them tested

Piia Sainio 11/09/2019

Credit to their support team, good quality high htc

Marius A. Christoffersen 11/08/2019

Fast Delivery. Great Quality too ;-)