White runtz


White Runtz is a potent hybrid strain that was originally created as a collaboration of efforts between two legendary Californian brands Runtz and Cookies. This cross between Gelato and Zkittlez produces long-lingering effects, candy-coated sweetness and has quickly become one of the hottest strains in dispensaries across the world. Pluto Craft Cannabis managed to cross White Runtz with The White, to create a phenotype that is as genetically close to the original colloboration as possible. THC concentration for this rare, exotic pheno have tested as high as 28% which is evident in the amount of sparkling trichomes, which can be attributed to it’s The White lineage. The traditional high of White Runtz is described as being relaxing, with tingly sensations while providing an uplifting buzz and euphoric qualities. The aroma and flavour profile of this delectable hybrid are candy-like, with sweet, sugary notes and undertones of mixed berries and grapes, all while making for an extremely smooth smoking experience.

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